We work for the connected world

Cradle Media was officially born in 2003, but our story dates back to our childhoods. As three siblings, we grew up together on the playground—broadening our imaginations and challenging our limits. Now, with headquarters in New York and Manila, we’ve recreated our playground for the digital landscape and called it Cradle Media.


that believe they too can make it in this vast, competitive world. We cradle the needs of small and growing companies by providing them the basics to operate their new business: website design and development and IT support. Cradle Media has been delivering these services since 2003.


that continue to resonate with their consumers by tirelessly mastering the art of connection. We strive to align their inspirations with stories that can articulate what they stand for. We use a range of media to express the different hues, textures and emotions of their stories.


that turn into amazing partnerships. Cradle Media embraces working with passionate co-creators. Whether you are a talent, an entrepreneur, a brand or just being curious, we’d like to listen and explore possibilities. We know great things happen to those who collaborate.


because we are all connected. We care beyond the boundaries of our individual world. Our objective is to increase participation in philanthropic efforts especially in areas where voices are barely heard. Join us in making our world brighter.

We believe in keeping things

simple, authentic, and human.

Our mission is to enrich people’s lives through our work. We use design to transform and
elevate experience. It begins with the connections we make and ends with inspired products
that bring audience to take positive action.

Our Process

Your story is ever-evolving. We start by asking a simple question.



Your story is ever-evolving. We start by asking a simple question.

We define the right problem to solve. Why is it a problem, and why is its solution vital to your company’s well-being?

Align with your purpose.

The purpose is our compass.

Problem solving can be complex. If we are guided by a unified purpose, the mission becomes clear.

Connect with your audience.

The ultimate gain is human connection.

The core of our work is in forming personal relationships with the people whose visions we serve and the audiences they want to reach.

Design The Experience

Design makes the world move.

We craft designs that relate to real human experiences, and align your purpose with your audience’s needs.

Define your story.

And refine it as you grow.

Does it resonate in ways that touches something familiar and new at the same time?
Is it meaningful? Does it make one move? We work with you to make sure your story is the strongest representation of your brand, and provides true meaning for your audience.

Accept, Execute, and Evolve

Keep telling your story.

Celebrate what works and reshape what needs improving. As your audience, products, and company grow, so will the ways in which you connect these moving parts.

Cradle Media combines digital artisans like well-blended textures.

We are: inventors, architects, storytellers, animators, designers, filmmakers, engineers, and above all, champions of the creative world.

As a whole, we are a creative team that is values-driven, results-focused, human-centered, wildly imaginative. We strive to bring breadth and innovative delivery in our work.

  • Maria Hagiwara
    Maria HagiwaraDigital Marketing Director
    • Anna Carbonell
      Anna CarbonellChief Finance Officer
      • Roy Laforteza
        Roy LafortezaCreative Director
        • David Sumarni
          David SumarniProject Director